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The Cosmetology Program consists of 1,000 hours of instruction. The course includes a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands on clientele practice. The program will ensure that basic skills to more advanced skills are gained, as individuals proceed through the course. The course also ensures that students are trained and prepared for written and practical examinations for State Board licensing.

​At the successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

* ​Demonstrate professionalism, poise, and proper grooming.


* Project a positive attitude and self-confidence.


* Communicate effectively and interact appropriately with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.


* Perform basic skills in the areas of hair cutting and styling, hair coloring, waxing and manicures.


* Use basic analytical skills to advise clients.


* Apply knowledge and skills necessary to pass required licensing examinations.


* Achieve entry-level employment in the field of cosmetology.

Methodology used includes classroom instruction, lecture and discussion, practical demonstration, individualized instruction, and practical experience of cosmetology functions.


Class Hours: 1,000 Hours

Full & Part-Time schedules
34 Hours per Week (Max. Allowed)
20 Hours per Week (Min. Requirement)
Finish in as little as 6 months

We accept Transfer Hours


Must be 17 years old
Proof of identification

Deposit (if Financing)

Location & Contact Details

Telephone: 979-704-3033


425 Northpoint Crossing Dr, Ste 500, College Station, TX 77840

Cosmetology Courses
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