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About Us

We are located in the Brazos Valley. Our goal is to provide a complete educational and training program that includes all services that may be requested by the clientele of professional barbershops and salons. We strive to provide you the knowledge designed to attain occupational competency, which will lead to gainful employment. We provide the fundamentals through practical experience to give you the maximum advantage of a viable learning experience.


Modern Barber & Beauty Institute is committed to providing quality training in the field of barbering & cosmetology without regard to race, color, or creed. It is our objective to incorporate into training the necessary curriculum and materials to ensure that the graduates of Modern Barber & Beauty Institute have a broad range of life skills. We are a professional Barber & Cosmetology College that is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence, providing its students with extraordinary training, educational experiences and state of the art tools necessary to prepare for a successful and fulfilling career in today’s Barber & Salon industry.

Our Mission Statement


Modern Barber & Beauty Institute prepares graduates for state licensure and entry-level positions as barbers and cosmetologists by:
• Teaching current methods in all phases of barbering and cosmetology.
• Ensuring coursework is taught by a well-trained and experienced faculty.
• Helping students in developing self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-direction.
• Advising and directing students to ensure completion of their program of study and achievement of state
• Advising and assisting graduates with placement in suitable jobs in the barbering and/or cosmetology field, in
positions that will provide success in the business world.

Modern Barber & Beauty Institute

Meet Our Team

Ramsey & Jessica

Modern Barber & Beauty Institute
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